FoodFinder (2017) @ LA Hacks
Have you ever seen pictures of food that you wonder where to get them? This is a website that Me and my team created to help solve this problem. You can ask about locations by posting pictures you pull from other websites. If other users recognize the place, they can comment under your post.
Each post has two states: "unsolved" , and "cracked by user". 
Users can reply, like, and comment. Likes will be counted, and the most liked recommendations will be pushed to the "Trending" page.
Besides 3 food categories, "Trending", and "Latest" feed, there is "Community" where people can share discount information.
+ This is a web mockup, the project was done in LA Hacks 2017. Initiated, and designed by Rong Zhang. Built by Jackie Yang, Jingtao Wang, Henry Wang, Yang Li.
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