The Heist (2017)
This is a two-player board game. The game starts with players having their stars on their opponent’s corner. Their goals are bringing their own stars back to their corners from the opponent’s. 
The Blue Star feature - Once any player hits the Blue Star, players turn the board around (players switch sides). The player who brings his/her star back to the corner first wins.
Game design is all about user experience, but it is more difficult than product user experience. Product UX makes things easier and more comfortable for people to use, people need it. But game? Nobody has to play this game. Game UX is to make people want to come back and play it again. 
During playtests, I noticed people did not like reading tedious long instructions, and even though information was all there, they missed it. It is us designers' job to not only put information out there but also make people see them and not miss anything.
I came up with illustrated instruction, and setup board to teach them "hand-by-hand" how to distinguish the star and the star carrier, where they should place them. This instruction is a fast and easy way to understand;  it is more universal than pure text, and for all age-range. 
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